Welcome to Perth ICT

PerthICT specialises in providing Perth businesses and learning institutions with reliable and consistent IT services. PerthICT can provide your organisation with:

  • Infrastructure installations
  • IT support
  • IT consulting
  • IT strategic planning
  • Computer protection
  • Troubleshooting

Our technicians and engineers are trained to refrain from using jargon when explaining IT concepts to you. Instead our team members are encouraged to use analogies and real world examples to explain IT concepts to you and your employees.

Our team members are carefully selected, and display appropriate communication skills and patience to deliver you with a service unlike no other.

What is Education IT?

PerthICT understands how important IT is for a student’s learning experience, and we know that everyday teachers are taking advantage of technologies available to them for their lesson plans. This is why we have tailored special IT packages for Western Australian schools which helps ensure that IT infrastructure is consistently delivering reliable services for all staff and students in their daily activities.

PerthICT can provide:

  • Weekly maintenance services
  • Training services
  • Access to our knowledgebase
  • IT support
  • IT strategic planning

Eductaion IT

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